Lights ,Camera,Action!!! : BMU ROYAL THEATRE

Lights , camera , action !!!
The three magical words ,
To take over the impulse of any man,
To increase his heartbeats,
To gleam up his eyes…

Lights , Camera,Action!!!
The three magical words,
To set the stage,
To unfold the curtains,
To focus the spotlights…

Lights, Camera, Action !!!
The three magical words
To begin the enticing expressions,
To spill the magic of emotions,
To feel the writer’s imagination

And Finally
Lights, Camera,Action!!!
To begin the most-awaited
mega event of the University



The Quest

In the upstreams of situations ,
beyond the horizon of imagination ,
in the ocean of emotions ,
I somewhere still long for a pearl ,
pure and chaste ,
entrusting my faith in originality ,
chastity , purity …
In relations I look for  it ,
In ambitions I look for  it ,
In everything I look for  it ,
but all that I’m left with is despair…

I know I shouldn’t feel low , 
but then I am ,
for the pearl is longed for ,
so desired ,
And yet not found…
shell-1972980_640.jpgSo , my life is a quest