There is a child in everyone…

I gently unleash my thoughts to come in their natural turbulent form , unbarred and flowing in every possible direction. They hit each other and they keep colliding until they present me a new exploration. The process is bewildering yet musing. I stay silent , calm yet observant. And , the exploration brought to me up , today , says…

“There is a child in everyone.”

Interacting with people from all races, all kinds ,all sorts of mindsets , day and night for work or on a personal account , its this random yet evident stage that I reach each time, meeting the child that they reluctantly hide inside . Now , when I say  a “Child” , I emphasize on a  number of attributes .

I met people who clung to their desires as children cling to the sweets of their choice , hungry for them , even if they are stomach full . Those are desires that ignite out of not being satisfied even if you already have what is required. I’ve seen hunger for growth , for wealth , for reputation and talking positively its actually this hunger that eventually drives them closer to their desires.

I met people who nastily hid their grey areas just as a child hides his favorite toy ,on been asked for it and then have seen them even gently handing it over on successfully tantalizing their soft corner . I realize that anger was just a shield  to hide the utter insecurity.

I saw people being introvert and quiet at first and then talkative and extrovert all over , just like a child who is called to meet a new guest.

to be continued…



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