This inevitable struggle that I consistently fight,
This entangling trauma that I try hard to survive,
Will be over, shall one day hide,
Behind the  storms of this chivalrous Knight, Power.

They try to subdue his strength,
Putting obstacles on its entire pace’s length,
He still strives hard, he still fights,
Holding his armour tight.

My chivalrous knight, POWER




Today, I walked through the corridor of your memories,
The light sunshine beaming at me,
Trying to penetrate, through the slits, of the window pane,
To wrap me up in warmth, on this  cold winter morning

Just as your memories,
That try to soothe me,
From the chills of this frosty world.


Yes, you were a bad memory, a draining flashback.
But, you made me stronger, than what I was before.
You made me what I’m today.Happy and Moved on.

Thence, I enjoy walking through this corridor,
Travelling through the past again,
Because then I realize, I can make through anything.

That’s  the beauty of this corridor,
It plays a game of perspectives,
For some it is going down a lane of harsh feelings,
While for others like  me, its walking through an alley of Strength.