Checkmate Fortune :)

He’s fortunate  enough to be born to such rich people !
How fortunate is she to be gifted with such an intellectual mind !
How lucky are they to live this peaceful life!
Why am I stuck here, while they are all enjoying! 




Photo by Boudewijn Huysmans on Unsplash 


When the outcome of the omikuji fortune telling is bad for you, you don’t keep it. Just tie it to a rope and forget about it.

Comparisons and comparisons followed by procrastination, self-pity and jealousy. How often do you face it ? Almost daily! almost every hour! while you scroll down your social media news feed and see your related and not-so-related people enjoying life, the way you wanted to? She got abroad for studies. He owns a penthouse apartment now. They have shifted to London. She lives a traveler’s life. He has his start-up. She has become the college topper. He gave up engineering and switched to cinematography. They purchased their new car. He’s into social work finally. She opened her own fashion brand. etc etc etc and the list is on…

There’s no stop to it . Is there one ? All of these people who have recently  managed to strangulate the nerves of your subconscious and conscious mind with guilt, pity and procrastination are pretty happy continuing what they always wanted to do.  And where are you ? Stalking their profiles ? Comparing your capabilities ? Questioning your identity? Thinking both of you started together and yet they are there, and you stuck here ? Feeling life is worthless for you ? Feeling sorry for yourself ?  Feeling its end of the world ? Loosing all hope ?

Hash…. Take a deep breath dear pissed off soul out there.

I am not really a great sincere book-reader sort for person. I am gifted with  a  fluctuating mind, it keeps dwindling from one interest to another, but  one statement that never looses the attention of my intellect is.

“The grass looks greener on the other side and while you are looking at someone else’s grass, thinking it’s greener than yours, there are so  many keeping an eye on yours.”
-Shiv Khera, You Can Win.

To read, these are just two lines with a decent food for the soul,but, to reflect, these hold  the secret revealed for a lifetime’s happiness and optimism.

Oh yes! While you are wondering how lucky is that chap to be born to such rich family, he wonders how lucky are you to lead a simple life, enjoying with your family!
While you wonder, how  lucky is that girl to have such a great intellect, she wonders how lucky are you to be gifted with such great friends.
While you wonder, how lucky are they to live such a peaceful life, they wonder how lucky are you that you don’t have to live a pretentious life.

Media today is too much virtual, drifting away from reality. May be its fake, may be it’s real. But, isn’t it tough to validate it ?

The answer is simple. “Be in your own skin and embrace it with love“.  All of us, or even no two of us can have similar lives  . Don’t believe me ? Talk to a mathematician, he can give you innumerable ways a life can go by making permutations and combinations of circumstances, incidents, time, people, goals, desires, emotions, destiny etc that rule your life. Believe me, the greatest comfort is in embracing the discomfort and yet working to improve on it. 

“I was sitting gloomy  the last weekend, regretting over my my results, my wrong choices with people, my course, my now foggy goals etc etc and then I went out on the streets, examining those several faces out there, who were in a much miserable position then I was. An old man selling handkerchiefs and socks, literally running after people to purchase them, only to make a living. A boy scratching out food from the unwashed plates discarded by the restaurants. A small girl wearing shabby clothes and walking all alone on the street. An old man by the roadside, cursed by some horrible disease that had created patches and boils all over his skin. I was so aghast by the sight that for a moment I checked my skin too and then held my dad’s hand, only to realize some more neglected things. My dad, he might also have had some goals in his life, some struggles that I am aware of and some that I am kept protected from. He fights a consistent battle day and night for a family that he never chose, that actually was brought to him by destiny and all his goals transformed to their goals and their happiness now. Being struck by all this reality, I understood the fact, “we give ourselves too much importance at times”, I  am not the center of the Universe I am just a part of it and how beautifully I embrace this fact, just like my co-existing creatures will decide how I feel about myself. Too deep to be understood ? Well, in simple terms, we must acknowledge that we are not all same or share the same fortune, but despite of that we have this great power of choosing how we feel about it. Are we looking at the grass at the other side? Or are we happy watering our own ?”

Do not just be influenced by any information that is thrown on you. Respect your identity. Embrace the discomfort and yet work onto creating the life that you have imagined. cz remember, there are people looking at your grass and you should be occupied enough to water it and make their sight worth it! and Uncertainty is the only thing that is certain. 

And by saying all this, I am in no way seizing the power of fortune, it does exist, it does influence. But, we are knowing the facts and using them in an optimistic approach. Let’s just work hard into the direction of our dreams persistently, the battle is half won and the moment fate favors, we win. The power of efforts can even surpass fate’s decision, all it demands is perseverance. 🙂 On a positive note ….

-Diary of An Introvert Writer