Walking In The Shoes


Tic Tac Tic Tac 

Well well, you see her, she is like always into herself.

She’s so confident !

She’s arrogant! The other day I saw her with the boss. They were all laughing. God forbid, what  they might just be discussing.

Well, we know what calls for her abrupt promotion…I wish we knew those tactics of enticing by our charm… 

No don’t be afraid with the notion that I am going to use some sexist statements here or writing sexist or feminist content(though that is just the need of the hour!). But, for a while, my purpose is far beyond gender, it is much vast and covering a broad spectrum.


Re-read the term. It’s a routine encounter any layman faces during the course of his/her life, sometimes impeding his/her pace of work or may be sometimes just overpowering it. I’ll talk about what I feel and if at all it instills your instinct too, go ahead to follow it and congratulations in advance for a better living that you will be experiencing right after this little thought-provocation.

Millions of people and billions of judgments. The irony being people like to “judge” but not being “judged”. Well, okay, who would actually welcome a stranger or even a known mate to comment on his way of life, his thoughts, his dressing, his body, his relationships or his goals.

The sad reality is most of us have succumbed to live with it or may be shrug it off with that “chill” dude, “fuck off” attitude. And yet a larger lot that actually themselves live with the threat of judgements, still do not refrain from giving their expert opinions onto anything and everything.

How often have you taken a pause, before letting your brain pick up some pre-conceived notion about a random person or have held back to spill our piece of thought onto the next person and yet initiate an all over induction of judgements.

For a moment, lets just retrospect and think of all the times we have been part of this vicious circle of negativity. Did it release you ? Oh yes for sometime it did consolidate you with the illusion that you were right into what you thought and it  made you happy too, but at the farther end, may be someday back in time, you were at the other side of the story too.

World seems much better without these curtains of judgements hindering our vision about people, relationships and aspirations. It opens ways to a whole new world of possitivity and possibility. Probably, what I have said might have bored you  enough with psychology if you are not a follower of the latter. So, let’s get down onto the practical approach.

So what if she got a bit rude today, may be she had a bad day or there’s something bothering her mind. So what if he boasts about his life, may be he looks for acceptance, for company of people to be around. So what if she dresses up, well, God gifted us this beautiful body to be taken of, Didn’t he? What’s wrong in celebrating the gift he gave. So what if he smokes, may be he is having a hard time. May be that’s where he got his friends from. May be there was no one ever to compel him to stop it. Yes, she is a girl and she drinks, so what? She has equal right to celebrate life. Yes, that old man cribs a lot, may be that’s the way he expresses his agony of being left lonely. So what if she’s a loner, may be that’s what keeps her happy. So what if he broke up? May be he could not figure out with it. So what if they live in a poor house, may be they are saving for better things. So what if she has high aspirations? It isn’t wrong to keep pushing limits.So what if he’s not able to give you enough time? May be he is preparing for something better. So what if they don’t understand you?May be they were never in your place. So what if he doesn’t have that so-called sophisticated way of living, may be he never had been in that kind of environment and the list goes on and on….

The key points here refer to one single statement, that we had been hearing since our minds took shape to comprehend, “Try walking in my shoes!”

They can be torn and filthy yet comfortable or they can be classy and expensive yet uncomfortable. No two people share the exactly same circumstances, neither can their thoughts align. So why judge people with the binocular of your “perspective”. Take a pause, Abstain a thought, Provide a reason. Place yourself there, as were sometime back in history and I am sure, if not stop judging, you will atleast give a thought before judging.

And all those, who are disguised as people looking for acceptance out of fear of judgements. Shrug off! Definitely, one must think before he/she act, but not “overthink” before he/she acts. It’s one life, either spend it living by other’s choices or have the guts to face the circumstances of your choices.

We’ve all been there and we all exchange places.

I am free because neither I judge, nor I live by the fear of judgements. Happy walking in my shoes…




2 thoughts on “Walking In The Shoes

    1. I am so glad you liked the work. This post has a greater goal , I want the horizon of the post to broaden and reach out to maximum people. Cz there are many suffering out there, under the suppression of judgements.

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