Choose what defines you ?

Princes Diana was known for her kind heart, her noble works for the mining sufferers. Do we know her as a woman who failed marriage. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam ,Do we know him as a guy selling newspapers in his childhood or do we know him as the missile man of India. Adolf Hitler, Do we know him for his ruthless dictatorship or the genocide of Jews or do we know him as a marvelous painter.

Clearly, the fact that I put up here, is we can choose what defines us. Want to be known as professor , an actor or anything at all. We can define that, clearly. Yes, that takes power, correction “will power” .

The good thing is no definition is permanent unless it’s percentile in your life is prominent enough. Probably that is why God said. Hate the sin , not the sinner. Cz if he has bestowed us with the intellect, he has also given the power to choose, to mould.

Gossips, Judgements, sins, a bad past or whatever it may be. Does it define you ? Well it will, if u seize to make efforts in increasing that percentile that overshadows everything that is not true, that is not who you are. It takes hell lot of effort to push through every uncertainty, every bad decision you ever made, every sin you ever did and emerge as a consciously better person , a person that you choose to become. And if you have the guts to make those efforts then definitely you are choosing to define your life.

And yes I have intentionally put up that question mark up there. Cz it’s like a question, a chance, a choice to yourself, to define yourself.


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