The Beautiful Mind: 2

In the last blog we understood how to control thoughts? How to settle the mind down?

The answer is simple.

Tame the demon or the demon tames you 🙂
Just keep this restive chap busy !

This blog talks mostly on belief systems and how it drives to what we perceive.

Imagine as a kid, the first time you saw a vessel on the stove , you were tempted to touch it. The willingness to touch the vessel eventually dissolved. This is primarily because of two reasons :

1. You touched the vessel sometime, burnt your hand, ended up hurting yourself.

2. Your parents rebuked you or maybe advised you not to do so.

Over then you developed a belief of not touching a hot vessel, because you might end up hurting yourself.

Now, let’s try to magnify this little example over our life.

Just like the child who was innocent about the situation made a belief on two basis. First being his experience and second being the relying on the experience of his/her trusted ones. In a similar manner, our belief systems evolve from either our experiences or induced experiences of people we hold trust in.

And for that matter, even the people whose beliefs have been conducted us, have formed them from yet another group of people they trusted in.

This is how the belief system evolves.

Newton’s  law states that Everything is relative and nothing absolute, which applies to real life too.

Let’s look at this carefully.

Person A has a dataset DA of his experiences and induced experiences. Person B also a dataset DB of his experiences and induced experiences. Now, faced by the same situation, person A forms a belief based on his DA and person B forms a belief on his DB. They might overlap, They might be completely opposite or they might be the same(which is rare). Thence, the belief turns out to be relative and not absolute.

Things are comparable when they our absolute or rather on the same ground. Now, if the grounds are different, there lies no place for comparison.

Thence, belief is not comparable.

Corollary: Belief is neither questionable nor enforceable.

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The Beautiful Mind: 1

So, I recently started reading a book and the insights that I am getting from the book is like, the curiosity of a little officious child being answered. Its like the mind which is known to be dodging here and there, recklessly just got placated by wisdom.

I’m sure if not all, about 70 percent of you might relate to what I am intending to express here.

Let me tell you a story,

There was this pundit who was approached by people to solve in their conundrums. One fine afternoon, parched a man came upto him. The man had a unique wish, he wanted it to be granted by the divine pundit. He asked, ” Oh! Heavenly being, Can by your powers, I have the way out to get all my wishes granted?” The divine source smiled and said, I’ll give you a demon. You can engage him and ask him for whatever you want, he will do it for you. There’s just one limitation, the moment you are not able to engage it, it will kill you.
The pacified man, being granted with the wish and went home. He started commanding the demon for his works, wishes. Initially he felt happy, but as time passed he failed to engage the demon and as per the divine source the demon would now be engaged in killing him. He ran to the divine source for help. The divine source vanquished the demon. But, he had an important lesson to teach the man. He said, your mind is similar to this demon, you can have all your wishes granted, practically anything you want, you don’t have to ask me also, Just one thing, keep it engaged . The man understood the statement and started practicing it, the more he engaged his mind in positive aspects the more results he yielded.

The relationship of our mind is like a tiger on which we are riding. It runs chases, throws us and does what it wants. But, only when we are able to tame it, to culture it, it forms a habit to obey it’s ringmaster, us.

The fact is brain like all other organs is like a machine, rather tool to obey our tasked voluntarily and in an awared manner. But, the complication is that because of lack of mind-culture, it commands us rather than we commanding it. And that is key here. The solution to every issue.

Mind awareness, mind culture.

This is just one part of the many parts that I am about to share.

Read on to dive deeper.

Keep Achieving! Stay Happy!

Choose what defines you ?

Princes Diana was known for her kind heart, her noble works for the mining sufferers. Do we know her as a woman who failed marriage. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam ,Do we know him as a guy selling newspapers in his childhood or do we know him as the missile man of India. Adolf Hitler, Do we know him for his ruthless dictatorship or the genocide of Jews or do we know him as a marvelous painter.

Clearly, the fact that I put up here, is we can choose what defines us. Want to be known as professor , an actor or anything at all. We can define that, clearly. Yes, that takes power, correction “will power” .

The good thing is no definition is permanent unless it’s percentile in your life is prominent enough. Probably that is why God said. Hate the sin , not the sinner. Cz if he has bestowed us with the intellect, he has also given the power to choose, to mould.

Gossips, Judgements, sins, a bad past or whatever it may be. Does it define you ? Well it will, if u seize to make efforts in increasing that percentile that overshadows everything that is not true, that is not who you are. It takes hell lot of effort to push through every uncertainty, every bad decision you ever made, every sin you ever did and emerge as a consciously better person , a person that you choose to become. And if you have the guts to make those efforts then definitely you are choosing to define your life.

And yes I have intentionally put up that question mark up there. Cz it’s like a question, a chance, a choice to yourself, to define yourself.


Broken pieces held together,
Stuck reluctantly with fear.

Vulnerability hides,
Hides from dear, hides from near.

Why judge him/her or they !
Don’t judgements on you, weigh ?

Battles for all are not the same,
But yet judgements put efforts in vain.

Think! Think! Think! Before you say,
What goes around, makes back it’s way.

Data Data Data !

‘‘Data! Data! Data!’ he cried impatiently. ‘I can’t make bricks without clay.”
-Arthur Conan Doyle 

His point? You can’t draw solid conclusions without data the same way you can’t build solid bricks without clay.

Needless to say, each one of us is directly related to the world above, “DATA”. In clearer terms data is any fact or figure in audio, visual or textual form conveying information about a thing, a place, a person!

So, from starting your day and reading the newspaper, to checking the weather report, to booking a cab or following the directions for your drive, to looking for articles to read, food to eat, places to go and then finally returning back to some laziness and sleeping over news feed from your social media accounts , all you are surrounded with is “Data”. Oh yes ! how can I forget, the smart devices nowadays , like fit-bit etc, even won’t leave you aloof from data while sleeping, collecting your pulse rate etc. So, practically 24X7 round the day, you are one nano-being in this mammoth amount of data, ingesting it, processing it or collecting it.

abstract-art-blur-373543 (1).jpg

Moving on from this importance of data to figuring out why actually did it get such hype.

Do we really need miners ? excavators? archaeologists? Yes, we do! Out of the whole useless looking environment, these masterminds bring us something that might just impact our survival, or prosperity or anything for that matter.

Same is the story with data. Data scientists, analysts, engineers are nowadays mastermind miners of the tech-world. They deep dive into this herculean useless looking information and convert it to profit streaks in the business world, or steep drops for the risk-mitigation sectors.

Data sources may include: social media, smart devices, data in physical or digital form as audio, video, visual or textual format. That goes through analytically and creatively driven routes to create Value.



Globalization, a modern man’s development

Globalization refers to the flow of ideas, economy and cultures across borders. It is a complex economic process of interpolation and integration having social and political consequences. It includes goods and services, technology, capital and data. With the advent of transport, telecommunications and technology, accessibility and approach-ability to resources is like never before.

Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization came into form during the 1990s. It encouraged investments from different economies if the world. It also raised the barrier over the private sectors from entering businesses and services or transfer of ownership from the public sectors. All this lead to and still paves the way to advancement in information and communication technology, transport, goods and services.

We can now be swiftly connected offshore. Sitting in Mumbai, one knows about everything and can reach to everyone in Madrid. This led to the influx of offshore projects, accessibility to good education from anywhere to anywhere in the world and as mentioned before integration of new ideas. Most of us have at least one relative/friend working or living abroad. This is the social impact of Globalization.

A student, belonging to any strata of the society in his/her nation can avail education abroad via distance learning through edX, Udemy of going for offshore for studies. Thereby moving from one strata of society to another. But, on the other hand, as we can quote the example of Donald Trump getting to Presidential Power and cancelling educational or working visas for certain nationalities, can speak of political consequences of globalization.


As remarked by the Infosys CEO, data today is our biggest asset and liability. It not just makes information available but makes it vulnerable to piracy, tempering and formulation too. Each country is well aware of the conditions and statistics of other countries both officially and unofficially through data shared by commoners. On a positive note, this wedged relief plans for conditions during the Syrian Crisis, Peurto Rico or Mexico, to quote a few. But, the grey side, is that this data can be used for criminal and unethical means too for malicious activities. Strengths and weaknesses are exposed like never before.
Globalization has led to a number of deals between nations. Talking about India, the recent Bullet Train Deal with Japan has bridged gaps between different technologies. We can now learn from different nations. It is much of a controversial topic; as on one side India is falling prey to derailments, heavy rains disrupting transport in Mumbai, stampede at stations to investing funds on establishment of Bullet train from Mumbai to Ahemdabad, on the other side.

The make in India began with mission of bringing foreign investments to India and empowering its manufacturing sectors, but India till now lays as a major service sector provider for the world. Globalization has helped in enhancing knowledge but on the same pace has led to knowledge being used in the benefit of other countries. Need of the hour is to learn from different economies but ultimately use the know-how to build our own economy. It is for the same reason that big shots like Satya Nadela, Sundar Pichai serve on key positions for major tech-giants of the world. It has helped talent meet the right opportunity.
In the health care sector of society Globalization used IT to prevent and combat fatal infectious diseases, share major path-breathing researches and discoveries across the globe and improved responses to outbreak situations. For eg, during the outbreak of Ebola Virus, doctors working in northern regions of Uganda rapidly transmitted their findings to WHO in Geneva and US Centres for Disease control in Atlanta.

Globalization helped to observe and implement and discuss problems with different forms of government, bringing socialist, capitalists, democratic, autocratic, communalist, republic to discuss issues on one forum through UN, BRICS etc. Learning from digitalization of different countries, India implemented m-governance or mobile governance. Thereby making the government penetrable.
Above discussed are some of the many aspects of Globalization. To maximize profit from globalization, India still needs to make majority of its population technically up-to-date with the world else globalization can breed increased inequality. Only then can we expect GDP growth going hand in hand with globalization.