The Beautiful Mind: 2

In the last blog we understood how to control thoughts? How to settle the mind down?

The answer is simple.

Tame the demon or the demon tames you 🙂
Just keep this restive chap busy !

This blog talks mostly on belief systems and how it drives to what we perceive.

Imagine as a kid, the first time you saw a vessel on the stove , you were tempted to touch it. The willingness to touch the vessel eventually dissolved. This is primarily because of two reasons :

1. You touched the vessel sometime, burnt your hand, ended up hurting yourself.

2. Your parents rebuked you or maybe advised you not to do so.

Over then you developed a belief of not touching a hot vessel, because you might end up hurting yourself.

Now, let’s try to magnify this little example over our life.

Just like the child who was innocent about the situation made a belief on two basis. First being his experience and second being the relying on the experience of his/her trusted ones. In a similar manner, our belief systems evolve from either our experiences or induced experiences of people we hold trust in.

And for that matter, even the people whose beliefs have been conducted us, have formed them from yet another group of people they trusted in.

This is how the belief system evolves.

Newton’s  law states that Everything is relative and nothing absolute, which applies to real life too.

Let’s look at this carefully.

Person A has a dataset DA of his experiences and induced experiences. Person B also a dataset DB of his experiences and induced experiences. Now, faced by the same situation, person A forms a belief based on his DA and person B forms a belief on his DB. They might overlap, They might be completely opposite or they might be the same(which is rare). Thence, the belief turns out to be relative and not absolute.

Things are comparable when they our absolute or rather on the same ground. Now, if the grounds are different, there lies no place for comparison.

Thence, belief is not comparable.

Corollary: Belief is neither questionable nor enforceable.

Hope you have understood what I intend to say. If not, feel free to drop me an email at

Would be elaborating on this, so follow me and be updated.

Happy Exploring ! 🙂


The Beautiful Mind: 1

So, I recently started reading a book and the insights that I am getting from the book is like, the curiosity of a little officious child being answered. Its like the mind which is known to be dodging here and there, recklessly just got placated by wisdom.

I’m sure if not all, about 70 percent of you might relate to what I am intending to express here.

Let me tell you a story,

There was this pundit who was approached by people to solve in their conundrums. One fine afternoon, parched a man came upto him. The man had a unique wish, he wanted it to be granted by the divine pundit. He asked, ” Oh! Heavenly being, Can by your powers, I have the way out to get all my wishes granted?” The divine source smiled and said, I’ll give you a demon. You can engage him and ask him for whatever you want, he will do it for you. There’s just one limitation, the moment you are not able to engage it, it will kill you.
The pacified man, being granted with the wish and went home. He started commanding the demon for his works, wishes. Initially he felt happy, but as time passed he failed to engage the demon and as per the divine source the demon would now be engaged in killing him. He ran to the divine source for help. The divine source vanquished the demon. But, he had an important lesson to teach the man. He said, your mind is similar to this demon, you can have all your wishes granted, practically anything you want, you don’t have to ask me also, Just one thing, keep it engaged . The man understood the statement and started practicing it, the more he engaged his mind in positive aspects the more results he yielded.

The relationship of our mind is like a tiger on which we are riding. It runs chases, throws us and does what it wants. But, only when we are able to tame it, to culture it, it forms a habit to obey it’s ringmaster, us.

The fact is brain like all other organs is like a machine, rather tool to obey our tasked voluntarily and in an awared manner. But, the complication is that because of lack of mind-culture, it commands us rather than we commanding it. And that is key here. The solution to every issue.

Mind awareness, mind culture.

This is just one part of the many parts that I am about to share.

Read on to dive deeper.

Keep Achieving! Stay Happy!

Poverty in the Technological Frame.

India, one of the fastest growing economies in the world, despite all its development is still clocked at the growth rate of 7.6% in terms of poverty. Poverty being a relative term, not just decreases our competencies with other nations, but also impedes our progress by averting us to take new steps in the direction of scientific, cultural or social advancement. More than 22% of our population still lies below poverty line and in no time we might just cross the line and be marked as one of the poorest nations of the world. Technology, as we see it today is a major weapon that could be harnessed to eradicate poverty.


Imagine a tailor sewing a dress by hand for three hours and getting 150 rupees for it. What is the output and value of money here? 50 rupees an hour! Including the amount of effort involved, compromising on the accuracy and the tiredness that comes complementary with it, thereby decreasing efficiency for work that lies ahead. Now, I purchase a sewing machine for this tailor with the training to use it. The output for the same input of material goes to three dresses in three hours getting the tailor paid 450 rupees for it. Not just this, the accuracy of the product increases and so does the efficiency of the tailor for future works. Also, now the tailor can train new people in the same skill and get the sewing machine used in rounds, thereby increasing productivity and finance. And this is what the Skills India Mission talks about. Endeavours like MGREGA, NREGA, NITI AAYOG, Skills India Mission, e-commerce as platform to production by poor, are designed to provide below poverty line population with the employment and skill-set for self-sustainability.

The above is just one illustration of how technology could be beneficially used to combat poverty. The introduction of AADHAR cards, PAN cards to crystallize the economic status and digital identity of a citizen has helped us withhold realistic facts and data over the archaic fabricated data that happened by manual collection. It has eased the monitoring of distribution of benefits from pre-existing schemes to the target population and paved the way for framing new policies as well. All the benefits can now reach the rightful owner of it, instead of passing through the bureaucratic system of organizations or officials.

Moving from efficient implementation of pre-existing schemes we move to embracing new technological solutions. The root causes for poverty are inter-linked, be it illiteracy, unemployment, overpopulation or disasters. These could be eliminated in the following manner.
India has majority of its poverty-stricken population involved in the agriculture. A sector deeply affected by climatic changes, overpopulation and inflation. Indian agriculture has been in struggle since the 1990s. Where stagnant or no productivity has culminated to famines, poverty and loss of life. Genetically improvised crops, use of machinery instead of manual labour, artificial rains, monitoring of weather conditions over apps and preparing accordingly can boost production. The key challenge of technology diffusion can be solved with adequate agricultural extension services through mobile phones. Farmers can be made aware of the market rates and relevant information through schemes like Kisan Call Centers and also help their supplies reach areas of high demands.


There are two more areas where efforts can swiftly deliver long-term reforms in ending poverty: financial inclusion and education. As, previously discussed Prime Minister’s efforts to push bank accounts through Jan Dhan Yogna are a good start but to make it effective the gap for mobile banking yet needs to be bridged. To quote an example, Bangladesh’s bKash is one of the fastest growing financial services company in a span of four years, processing roughly 2 million transactions per day with a total value of nearly $1 billion each month. The lesson can be derived from this is that yes, mobile banking can profitably serve the poor even in the rural areas just like brick-and-mortar banks do for the wealthy.
Lastly, the education sector could bolster all other sectors. With the knowledge to understand and implement reforms, not just apt profitability can be achieved but it will also kindle ideas and innovations. With the introduction of electricity, good transport facilities and internet anyone can take advantage of e-learning portals like SWAYAM. The disadvantage of non-reach ability at places can be curbed by e-learning. We all have seen this ad from SAMSUNG where a girl is trained in their institute and goes on to develop her own village. This isn’t fictitious. This is how proper education and training can help destroy the root causes of poverty like illiteracy and unemployment.


Definitely, government is taking measures in combating poverty but more stress needs to be laid on proper implementation of these schemes. These development interventions need to be accompanied by behavioral changes in society, which at present is reluctant to adapt. The question is who will take these technologies to the poor. Demonetization could be a success if this was kept in mind. Young Entrepreneurs need to be promoted by the government to take up this task of introduction and implementations of innovations. MyGov portal to boost smart city concepts, campaigning, hearing to innovative minds and providing them opportunity is on its way to give shape to an improved statistics of poverty.

“Great advantage for India is that there is no country in the world that has a billion mobiles, a billion bio-metrics, which is spearheading a big change through bank accounts which will actually reduce the cost of transaction so radically that will enable us to uplift about 100 million people above the poverty line” – Words of Amitabh Kant ( IAS Officer nad CEO of NITI AAYOG,2015)

Walking In The Shoes


Tic Tac Tic Tac 

Well well, you see her, she is like always into herself.

She’s so confident !

She’s arrogant! The other day I saw her with the boss. They were all laughing. God forbid, what  they might just be discussing.

Well, we know what calls for her abrupt promotion…I wish we knew those tactics of enticing by our charm… 

No don’t be afraid with the notion that I am going to use some sexist statements here or writing sexist or feminist content(though that is just the need of the hour!). But, for a while, my purpose is far beyond gender, it is much vast and covering a broad spectrum.


Re-read the term. It’s a routine encounter any layman faces during the course of his/her life, sometimes impeding his/her pace of work or may be sometimes just overpowering it. I’ll talk about what I feel and if at all it instills your instinct too, go ahead to follow it and congratulations in advance for a better living that you will be experiencing right after this little thought-provocation.

Millions of people and billions of judgments. The irony being people like to “judge” but not being “judged”. Well, okay, who would actually welcome a stranger or even a known mate to comment on his way of life, his thoughts, his dressing, his body, his relationships or his goals.

The sad reality is most of us have succumbed to live with it or may be shrug it off with that “chill” dude, “fuck off” attitude. And yet a larger lot that actually themselves live with the threat of judgements, still do not refrain from giving their expert opinions onto anything and everything.

How often have you taken a pause, before letting your brain pick up some pre-conceived notion about a random person or have held back to spill our piece of thought onto the next person and yet initiate an all over induction of judgements.

For a moment, lets just retrospect and think of all the times we have been part of this vicious circle of negativity. Did it release you ? Oh yes for sometime it did consolidate you with the illusion that you were right into what you thought and it  made you happy too, but at the farther end, may be someday back in time, you were at the other side of the story too.

World seems much better without these curtains of judgements hindering our vision about people, relationships and aspirations. It opens ways to a whole new world of possitivity and possibility. Probably, what I have said might have bored you  enough with psychology if you are not a follower of the latter. So, let’s get down onto the practical approach.

So what if she got a bit rude today, may be she had a bad day or there’s something bothering her mind. So what if he boasts about his life, may be he looks for acceptance, for company of people to be around. So what if she dresses up, well, God gifted us this beautiful body to be taken of, Didn’t he? What’s wrong in celebrating the gift he gave. So what if he smokes, may be he is having a hard time. May be that’s where he got his friends from. May be there was no one ever to compel him to stop it. Yes, she is a girl and she drinks, so what? She has equal right to celebrate life. Yes, that old man cribs a lot, may be that’s the way he expresses his agony of being left lonely. So what if she’s a loner, may be that’s what keeps her happy. So what if he broke up? May be he could not figure out with it. So what if they live in a poor house, may be they are saving for better things. So what if she has high aspirations? It isn’t wrong to keep pushing limits.So what if he’s not able to give you enough time? May be he is preparing for something better. So what if they don’t understand you?May be they were never in your place. So what if he doesn’t have that so-called sophisticated way of living, may be he never had been in that kind of environment and the list goes on and on….

The key points here refer to one single statement, that we had been hearing since our minds took shape to comprehend, “Try walking in my shoes!”

They can be torn and filthy yet comfortable or they can be classy and expensive yet uncomfortable. No two people share the exactly same circumstances, neither can their thoughts align. So why judge people with the binocular of your “perspective”. Take a pause, Abstain a thought, Provide a reason. Place yourself there, as were sometime back in history and I am sure, if not stop judging, you will atleast give a thought before judging.

And all those, who are disguised as people looking for acceptance out of fear of judgements. Shrug off! Definitely, one must think before he/she act, but not “overthink” before he/she acts. It’s one life, either spend it living by other’s choices or have the guts to face the circumstances of your choices.

We’ve all been there and we all exchange places.

I am free because neither I judge, nor I live by the fear of judgements. Happy walking in my shoes…



Checkmate Fortune :)

He’s fortunate  enough to be born to such rich people !
How fortunate is she to be gifted with such an intellectual mind !
How lucky are they to live this peaceful life!
Why am I stuck here, while they are all enjoying! 




Photo by Boudewijn Huysmans on Unsplash 


When the outcome of the omikuji fortune telling is bad for you, you don’t keep it. Just tie it to a rope and forget about it.

Comparisons and comparisons followed by procrastination, self-pity and jealousy. How often do you face it ? Almost daily! almost every hour! while you scroll down your social media news feed and see your related and not-so-related people enjoying life, the way you wanted to? She got abroad for studies. He owns a penthouse apartment now. They have shifted to London. She lives a traveler’s life. He has his start-up. She has become the college topper. He gave up engineering and switched to cinematography. They purchased their new car. He’s into social work finally. She opened her own fashion brand. etc etc etc and the list is on…

There’s no stop to it . Is there one ? All of these people who have recently  managed to strangulate the nerves of your subconscious and conscious mind with guilt, pity and procrastination are pretty happy continuing what they always wanted to do.  And where are you ? Stalking their profiles ? Comparing your capabilities ? Questioning your identity? Thinking both of you started together and yet they are there, and you stuck here ? Feeling life is worthless for you ? Feeling sorry for yourself ?  Feeling its end of the world ? Loosing all hope ?

Hash…. Take a deep breath dear pissed off soul out there.

I am not really a great sincere book-reader sort for person. I am gifted with  a  fluctuating mind, it keeps dwindling from one interest to another, but  one statement that never looses the attention of my intellect is.

“The grass looks greener on the other side and while you are looking at someone else’s grass, thinking it’s greener than yours, there are so  many keeping an eye on yours.”
-Shiv Khera, You Can Win.

To read, these are just two lines with a decent food for the soul,but, to reflect, these hold  the secret revealed for a lifetime’s happiness and optimism.

Oh yes! While you are wondering how lucky is that chap to be born to such rich family, he wonders how lucky are you to lead a simple life, enjoying with your family!
While you wonder, how  lucky is that girl to have such a great intellect, she wonders how lucky are you to be gifted with such great friends.
While you wonder, how lucky are they to live such a peaceful life, they wonder how lucky are you that you don’t have to live a pretentious life.

Media today is too much virtual, drifting away from reality. May be its fake, may be it’s real. But, isn’t it tough to validate it ?

The answer is simple. “Be in your own skin and embrace it with love“.  All of us, or even no two of us can have similar lives  . Don’t believe me ? Talk to a mathematician, he can give you innumerable ways a life can go by making permutations and combinations of circumstances, incidents, time, people, goals, desires, emotions, destiny etc that rule your life. Believe me, the greatest comfort is in embracing the discomfort and yet working to improve on it. 

“I was sitting gloomy  the last weekend, regretting over my my results, my wrong choices with people, my course, my now foggy goals etc etc and then I went out on the streets, examining those several faces out there, who were in a much miserable position then I was. An old man selling handkerchiefs and socks, literally running after people to purchase them, only to make a living. A boy scratching out food from the unwashed plates discarded by the restaurants. A small girl wearing shabby clothes and walking all alone on the street. An old man by the roadside, cursed by some horrible disease that had created patches and boils all over his skin. I was so aghast by the sight that for a moment I checked my skin too and then held my dad’s hand, only to realize some more neglected things. My dad, he might also have had some goals in his life, some struggles that I am aware of and some that I am kept protected from. He fights a consistent battle day and night for a family that he never chose, that actually was brought to him by destiny and all his goals transformed to their goals and their happiness now. Being struck by all this reality, I understood the fact, “we give ourselves too much importance at times”, I  am not the center of the Universe I am just a part of it and how beautifully I embrace this fact, just like my co-existing creatures will decide how I feel about myself. Too deep to be understood ? Well, in simple terms, we must acknowledge that we are not all same or share the same fortune, but despite of that we have this great power of choosing how we feel about it. Are we looking at the grass at the other side? Or are we happy watering our own ?”

Do not just be influenced by any information that is thrown on you. Respect your identity. Embrace the discomfort and yet work onto creating the life that you have imagined. cz remember, there are people looking at your grass and you should be occupied enough to water it and make their sight worth it! and Uncertainty is the only thing that is certain. 

And by saying all this, I am in no way seizing the power of fortune, it does exist, it does influence. But, we are knowing the facts and using them in an optimistic approach. Let’s just work hard into the direction of our dreams persistently, the battle is half won and the moment fate favors, we win. The power of efforts can even surpass fate’s decision, all it demands is perseverance. 🙂 On a positive note ….

-Diary of An Introvert Writer 

There is a child in everyone…

I gently unleash my thoughts to come in their natural turbulent form , unbarred and flowing in every possible direction. They hit each other and they keep colliding until they present me a new exploration. The process is bewildering yet musing. I stay silent , calm yet observant. And , the exploration brought to me up , today , says…

“There is a child in everyone.”

Interacting with people from all races, all kinds ,all sorts of mindsets , day and night for work or on a personal account , its this random yet evident stage that I reach each time, meeting the child that they reluctantly hide inside . Now , when I say  a “Child” , I emphasize on a  number of attributes .

I met people who clung to their desires as children cling to the sweets of their choice , hungry for them , even if they are stomach full . Those are desires that ignite out of not being satisfied even if you already have what is required. I’ve seen hunger for growth , for wealth , for reputation and talking positively its actually this hunger that eventually drives them closer to their desires.

I met people who nastily hid their grey areas just as a child hides his favorite toy ,on been asked for it and then have seen them even gently handing it over on successfully tantalizing their soft corner . I realize that anger was just a shield  to hide the utter insecurity.

I saw people being introvert and quiet at first and then talkative and extrovert all over , just like a child who is called to meet a new guest.

to be continued…