Trial with Hindi Poetry






It’s a storm inside.
A chaotic hurricane.
Of emotions,
Of decisions,
Of paths not taken.

It’s a storm inside.
A dazzling conjecture of dreams.
Of hope,
Of strength,
Of ambitions lost.

It’s a storm inside.
A baffling hallucination of images.
Of fakers,
Of lovers,
Of pretenders trying.

It’s a storm inside.
An endless conflict.
Of creativity,
Of logic,
And this intervening writer’s mind.


Today, I walked through the corridor of your memories,
The light sunshine beaming at me,
Trying to penetrate, through the slits, of the window pane,
To wrap me up in warmth, on this  cold winter morning

Just as your memories,
That try to soothe me,
From the chills of this frosty world.


Yes, you were a bad memory, a draining flashback.
But, you made me stronger, than what I was before.
You made me what I’m today.Happy and Moved on.

Thence, I enjoy walking through this corridor,
Travelling through the past again,
Because then I realize, I can make through anything.

That’s  the beauty of this corridor,
It plays a game of perspectives,
For some it is going down a lane of harsh feelings,
While for others like  me, its walking through an alley of Strength.

Chance !!!

I could take the chance of struggling in the heat,
or lay peacefully in my room .

I could take the chance of learning a new venture,
or be safe in my comfort zone.

I could take the chance of speaking my point out ,
or let it puzzle my mind for long.

I could take the chance of doing what I like,
or accepting what life enforced.

I could take the chance of being who am I ,
or masquerade still for the world.

I could take the chance to live by my choices,
or succumb to what I am asked to.

I could take the chance of flying free and facing the odds,
or live cosily in that golden cage.

I could take the chance of letting my soul breathe,
or wait until my existence ends.

I could take the chance of pushing my limits up ,
or live happily with what I think I’m endowed with.

I could take the chance and meet a new face ,
or snuggle my emotions up in protection.

I could take the chance to travel and scream out of joy ,
or be dreaming of that in my nutshell.

I could take the chance of being the wrong yet me,
or fake out and be right.

I could take the chance of doing all this and resonate my happiness with smiles around,
or keep wondering ,”I wish ,I had”.

I could take the chance of living this life up
or wait for yet another one in fear of judgement.

And lastly I could take the chance of penning all this down,
or let these thoughts bewilder my mind.

For life is not about the chances we were given , it’s about the chances we didn’t take…


Lights ,Camera,Action!!! : BMU ROYAL THEATRE

Lights , camera , action !!!
The three magical words ,
To take over the impulse of any man,
To increase his heartbeats,
To gleam up his eyes…

Lights , Camera,Action!!!
The three magical words,
To set the stage,
To unfold the curtains,
To focus the spotlights…

Lights, Camera, Action !!!
The three magical words
To begin the enticing expressions,
To spill the magic of emotions,
To feel the writer’s imagination

And Finally
Lights, Camera,Action!!!
To begin the most-awaited
mega event of the University


The Quest

In the upstreams of situations ,
beyond the horizon of imagination ,
in the ocean of emotions ,
I somewhere still long for a pearl ,
pure and chaste ,
entrusting my faith in originality ,
chastity , purity …
In relations I look for  it ,
In ambitions I look for  it ,
In everything I look for  it ,
but all that I’m left with is despair…

I know I shouldn’t feel low , 
but then I am ,
for the pearl is longed for ,
so desired ,
And yet not found…
shell-1972980_640.jpgSo , my life is a quest