E L E P H A N T : D E S I G N



This inevitable struggle that I consistently fight,
This entangling trauma that I try hard to survive,
Will be over, shall one day hide,
Behind the  storms of this chivalrous Knight, Power.

They try to subdue his strength,
Putting obstacles on its entire pace’s length,
He still strives hard, he still fights,
Holding his armour tight.

My chivalrous knight, POWER


High on LIFE : Eternal Bliss

I am onto the climb of eternal bliss.
Its beauty here , everywhere.
Serene , Peaceful, Calm,Pure…under the sky of clarity.
I can view everything from up here.
Those hurdles I’ve overcome to be just “here”.
My loved ones waving at me with those precious pearls in their eyes but blessedly out of Happiness now.
Those people , who tried pulling me back, now looking at me with envy in their eyes.Guys, I don’t hold grudges. I am too busy to discover and explore myself that I hardly have moments to ponder on your negativity.
I stay here, I want to stay here. 
Calm. Composed. Contented. Elated. Smiling…
It feels butterflies around my head , stars all around.
This beauty was worth the wait. 
Standing with my arms wide open , head up , eyes closed, body relaxed , my soul beaming in joy , to feel as much as I can , to take as much as I can . 
From the moment , In the moment.
I feel my breath…
I am breathing beauty , I am breathing joy ,I am breathing smiles ….

“This feeling was truly worth the while…”


The Quest

In the upstreams of situations ,
beyond the horizon of imagination ,
in the ocean of emotions ,
I somewhere still long for a pearl ,
pure and chaste ,
entrusting my faith in originality ,
chastity , purity …
In relations I look for  it ,
In ambitions I look for  it ,
In everything I look for  it ,
but all that I’m left with is despair…

I know I shouldn’t feel low , 
but then I am ,
for the pearl is longed for ,
so desired ,
And yet not found…
shell-1972980_640.jpgSo , my life is a quest