The Beautiful Mind : 3

It’s been long since I uploaded anything. Why ? Because I was exploring. Each one of us has that intrinsic characteristic in us, that we try to change, to fit in situations and end up being frustrated.

What’s the nature of water ? It flows.

What’s the nature of flower ? It blooms.

What’s the nature of Sun ? It shines.

What’s the nature of wind ? It moves.

Ask water to shine and provide light like the sun. Ask wind to quench thirst like water or ask the Sun to bloom like the flower.

It just won’t happen. Does that mean that the Sun, Wind, Water and Flower have no purpose, just cz we are testing them in conditions they are not intrinsically made for ?

Not really, Right. Same is  the nature with Human Beings. Each one of us has an intrinsic purpose that no other being can fit in or can do better than us. The frustration, the delimna, the chaos , the instability remains until we discover it.

We need to train our minds to understand and accept this. Each one of us blooms at a different time. Each has a different feature that just needs the right time, right place and right people for expression. We must train our minds to persevere until we discover it. But, you will definitely ask, why persevere, why that much internal struggle ? My dear folks, you can’t reach anywhere until you remain in the same place. To reach somewhere, one must move from somewhere. And when you are discovering, believe me change is the only constant. And one needs to train the mind accordingly. You give food to your stomach for energy, you give sights of surroundings to your eyes to percept. Then why not give challenges to your brain to let it show you what it’s made for. Our mind has this intrinsic characteristic of not being constant. It will never be in the same place. And the choice remains ours , whether to train it and consume it or wait for it to consume us…

The power is in your hands.


The Beautiful Mind: 1

So, I recently started reading a book and the insights that I am getting from the book is like, the curiosity of a little officious child being answered. Its like the mind which is known to be dodging here and there, recklessly just got placated by wisdom.

I’m sure if not all, about 70 percent of you might relate to what I am intending to express here.

Let me tell you a story,

There was this pundit who was approached by people to solve in their conundrums. One fine afternoon, parched a man came upto him. The man had a unique wish, he wanted it to be granted by the divine pundit. He asked, ” Oh! Heavenly being, Can by your powers, I have the way out to get all my wishes granted?” The divine source smiled and said, I’ll give you a demon. You can engage him and ask him for whatever you want, he will do it for you. There’s just one limitation, the moment you are not able to engage it, it will kill you.
The pacified man, being granted with the wish and went home. He started commanding the demon for his works, wishes. Initially he felt happy, but as time passed he failed to engage the demon and as per the divine source the demon would now be engaged in killing him. He ran to the divine source for help. The divine source vanquished the demon. But, he had an important lesson to teach the man. He said, your mind is similar to this demon, you can have all your wishes granted, practically anything you want, you don’t have to ask me also, Just one thing, keep it engaged . The man understood the statement and started practicing it, the more he engaged his mind in positive aspects the more results he yielded.

The relationship of our mind is like a tiger on which we are riding. It runs chases, throws us and does what it wants. But, only when we are able to tame it, to culture it, it forms a habit to obey it’s ringmaster, us.

The fact is brain like all other organs is like a machine, rather tool to obey our tasked voluntarily and in an awared manner. But, the complication is that because of lack of mind-culture, it commands us rather than we commanding it. And that is key here. The solution to every issue.

Mind awareness, mind culture.

This is just one part of the many parts that I am about to share.

Read on to dive deeper.

Keep Achieving! Stay Happy!